To Enchanted Jewelry is very important to offer our customers high quality pieces to satisfy the desire to look Enchanting and Irresistible, as this is our mission. Undoubtedly, besides the high quality of the material to keep them in good condition is essential to care for jewelry either in silver, steel, gold and other metals with crystals and gemstones. Remember jewelry also need hygienic use as well as people.

Nothing is more important than when wearing an accessory is in great condition and well maintained over time. We often think that because they are wearing gold or silver, jewelry does not get dirty and will be preserved permanently.  However it is important to know that the combination of precious metals or stones with other metal ends up damaging or dulling jewelry. The intention is to get that glow that reflect our jewels and make them worthy wonderful pieces of admiration for those who contemplate.

To achieve this you should not miss these tips to give long life to our precious accessories.


As main recommendations:

It is important not spread or apply creams, perfumes or cosmetics acids in the accessories or close to it, especially women, we suggest you keep in mind that to maintain the natural glow of our jewelry for longer, you should apply any cosmetic product first and then wear the jewelry thus prevents darkening or premature aging of the jewelry.

Maintain and store by separating metals:

It is very harmful to the Jewelry especially Silver and Gold have contact with other metals, as the intention is to preserve the brightness for longer; store the piece individually so that there is no light or air and away from other metals.

If the jewelry is silver, gold, steel or more, and this added to a jewelry containing other stones or skin, we recommend washing with soap and water before proceeding to any cleaning with metal.

If the jewelry is made entirely with the same metal Silver 950 or 925 and with the passage of time tends to get darker, the recommendation is to get for the jewelry this special acid: sodium bicarbonate for each metal so you can moisten the jewelry with caution for a few minutes and wipe them with a cloth or rag. Also you can brush and rinse as another care option.

If the jewelry is made of steel with gold plating, the recommendation is to clean the garment with special cloths that are available in any jewelry store and carefully clean the entire jewelry until you see dirt on the cloth (black color).

If the jewelry is made of gold wash, the recommendation for cleaning is brush it with toothpaste or soap and water, toothpaste contains alkaline substances which removes stains that may have the jewelry, to use toothpaste or soap and water only Rub it take a brush with toothpaste or soap and brush piece with moderate force and finally rinse with water and dry enough the jewelry with a flannel cloth or towel.

If the jewelry is made entirely of steel or Bronze, the recommendation is to use a special jewelry cloth to rub the jewelry until you see dirt on it or vinegar solution moistening the jewelry for a few minutes to dry.

If the jewelry is made entirely of gold: most likely the care you ‘ll need to have may be lower than silver, but strictly important to keep the jewelry in a place with low light as sun exposure and the environment tend to damage the precious metal, use the a cleaning solution with water and baking soda, brush, wipe with sufficient water and dry the jewelry; this is another suitable option for their care, but the most effective is to take the jewelry to a specialized jewelry store for cleaning.

It is also recommended: the use of hooks jewelry in the display allowing you to have your pieces in sight while kept separated to avoid damage among them.

Read these tips to assure the care and warranty policy of our jewelry before making the purchase.