Enchanted Jewelry is an American company that was stablished in 2006 with an entrepreneur vision as well as a vision to provide its customers with the latest fashion of accessories to complement the greatest clothing styles.

Enchanted Jewelry is a company dedicated to the comercialization of Jewelry and others with its own unique designs that separates it from the rest.


Enchanted Jewelry thrives on being a leader registered mark and recognized in national as international markets for the quality and design of its products that complement styles. Also for being a business opportunity, sales leader and for its commitment to style and continuous economic growth.


Satisfied the national market demand of fine quality Jewelry with variety of metals such as silver, stainless steel and others.
Offering latest styles with the best competitive prices to strengthen our clientele and satisfaction of our valued customers.

Warranty Policy

Primarily, our objective is to offer our clients the highest quality in our products and services. So this way we will exchange products but not monetary reimbursement in the case the product has designed imperfections from fabrication.
This warranty doesn't cover any damage from misuse, alterations, or any adjustments to the product.
The warranty wouldn't be applied without receipt and should be done through our online website enchantjewelry.com during the period of 15 days after purchasing the product with attachments of pictures of the damage products after the proof is analyzed and approved the product should be shipped to the address in the contact information and if there is a for an exchanged Enchanted Jewelry is not responsible for the shipping costs.

Shipping policy

As soon as you have purchased the product we will inform you that your order is in process and then you will receive an email with the tracking information of the shipping. It is advised to always double check your email address and home address to avoid any issues or delays of your order.